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Oxidised Daisy Designs 


Imagine a daisy which through the passage of time develops a beautiful vibrant orange patina which slowly corrodes and rusts whilst resting next to intense translucent green leaves. This "Oxidised Daisy" encapsulates the style and spirit of what my artwork is, taking inspiration from nature, landscapes and flowers. Whilst my art is often abstract and somewhat fantastical you can see the character and tone of each piece through its colour and texture. 

It is through paper quilling that I found a creative spark and it did not stop there. Learning new skills I began to combine quilling with different painting techniques and materials. Within my art you may find copper wire, paper, fabric, stone, glass beads, various types of paint, wool, metal flakes, gilding wax, metal, nuts and bolts (it is difficult not to see the potential in various random objects), glitter mediums, texture pastes but to name a few.


Each piece I make is designed and crafted over time. I begin each project with either a concept, shape and/or a colour in mind and then follow where my imagination takes me, a bit like a domino effect, each idea shaping the next.  It is through this process, "ODD" as it may be, that combing different materials, mediums, and quilling together that I have found my niche.

Various paper quilled yellow,  blue, lilac and pink flowers with green leaves & moteifs.
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