Oxidised Daisy Designs
Paper quilling strips and wool roving

What's it all about?

Oxidised Daisy Designs uses mixed media to create decorative art items. The materials used to create projects differ from piece to piece but include items such as paper quilling strips, different types of paint, craft metal, aluminium wire, glitter mediums, sand and texture pastes, wood, fabrics, threads, gilding wax and flakes, stone, wool roving and so on.

It began with a paper quilling kit some years ago. Paper quilling involves forming, curling and coiling paper strips into different shapes and patterns. This unassuming quilling kit soon took root and over time new shoots ventured out into paper craft and mixed media and so formed Oxidised Daisy Designs.

Our projects and wall art are all hand made, they are of our own design and each one is unique.  The finished pieces, more often than not, take a substantial time to make depending on the size, techniques used and complexity of the design.  If you wish to get in touch please visit the "contact" page. We look forward to posting new creations and thank you for taking the time to visit this site.